Online Courses

by Natalie Reckert


Welcome to my courses for your home handstand practice. All of these courses and videos are designed to help you practice handstands at home: wherever you are in the world, at any stage of your life and at any stage of your handstand journey.

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Happy to see you here, let’s start practicing!

Practice handstands with me on Youtube for free

Follow my Youtube channel for handstand tutorials and free classes! Link

Couch to handstand 30 Day Course

This course is for everyone who is completely new to handstands and would like a very gentle introduction into handbalancing. This 30 day follow along program is very accessible and is designed to accompany you on your first steps to attempting a handstand against the wall. Link

The ultimate 7 week handstand course

If you really want to master the handstand, you want to commit to regular practice and are ready for a strenuous workout that will build the foundations for your future handstand practice then this is just the right thing for you. The 7 week course is a complete introduction to handstands helping you to achieve your freestanding handstand off the wall, while also developing your strength and flexibility. Link
Diesen Kurs gibt es auch auf Deutsch: In 7 Wochen zum Handstand Link

Handstand Library

This video library provides you with tutorials for advanced moves and follow along classes. If you are wondering about the difference between my Youtube videos and the library videos the answer is: this stuff here is for the nerds! ;) It is also for aspiring nerds, don't let me scare you off :) In essence, these videos are a lot more detailed and technical then my Youtube videos and look at stuff like the handstand press, balancing on canes, different shapes and one arm handstands but also gives you detailed videos for improving your shoulder mobility, your flexibility and strength. So if you really want to invest a bit of time and thought into handstands then this might be just the thing for you. Link